Infuse tvOS GUI Improvements :-)

Hi James :slight_smile:

I have some suggestions for you to improve the Infuse GUI…

1.) Folder-Buttons
Maybe it would be a good idea to make the folders round or quadratic?
(I think the currently rectangular shape needs much more space than round or quadratic…)
It would be great to have an Option in the Infuse-Settings to select „Rectangular“, „ Round“ or „Quadratic“!

2.) „Edit“-Button
It would be great to have an more „discreet“ Edit-Button…
Currently the Edit-Button is very big and too eye-catching!

3.) Time Progress bar
If you start a Movie, every time the „Time Progress Bar“ is shown up!
It displays a hint „Swipe down for Info“…
This is absolutely needless, please remove this!
If the User click on the Play-Button the Playback should start instantly without the „Time Progress Bar“ and this hint! :slight_smile:

4.) „Favorites“-Label
Please remove the Word „Favorites“ on the Mainpage, because it’s really useless…

I assume your 1 point(Folder-Buttons) , you actually mean favorites?

Because the actually folders, inside the favorites “needs” to be as they are now, because of the poster size of all movies (1000x1500)

I mean the “shape” of the Favorite-Folders (not the artwork inside)!
The Shape should be optional rectangular (as it is now), round or quadratic… :slight_smile:

Look at the attached JPG’s…
(I have all examples simulated in Photoshop)

I looked, and it looks good. Great photoshop skill actually!
Anyhow you had to make sure you were not trying to change the poster/folder size, because i just single-handpicked 900+ covers for movies :stuck_out_tongue:

And i really agree with the word aswell(Favorites)!

I like all the suggestions, except for the Edit button change. I think the way it is now looks better, and having it up there isn’t very user friendly.

Thanks for taking the time to put together these mockups.

#1 We’ll likely be reworking the home screen at least in some fashion for 4.2 - I’m not sure if this means round or square icons just yet, but we’ll definitely keep it in mind.

#2 Honestly, I’m not sure about this one. 4.1 will add a few new buttons to the pre-playback screen, which helps the Edit button blend in a bit more. See attached.

#3 Already in the works. :wink:

#4 We’ll look into removing it for now, but may need to re-add some kind of label(s) for categories once library view is added in 4.2. It’s hard to say at this point since the home screen designs haven’t been flushed out yet.

Hi James,

Great, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I have one more little thing:
(I posted this already in another thread)

Infuse beta (4.1.1238) has introduced the “New playback controls (tvOS 9.2 style)”…

I personally like the old “swipe” Playback Control al lot more!!!
Can you maybe make an option in the Infuse-Settings to switch between the old method and the new tvOS 9.2 method?

This would be great! :slight_smile:

6# (James) - I do not know if this is already known, but i have Trakt, and it is logged in/synced with Infuse.
But none of my movies, or series shows up as seen(So really not synced with trakt). All movies have the “Unwatched” indicator. :frowning:

Just wanted to let you know! :wink: Keep up the good work, and it is great to see staff being active with the community! :smiley:

I suspect that the problem is going to be non-obvious!

I know that my infuse has no problems syncing with and infuse is showing exactly what I expect from my watched indicators. I can also freely move between the TVOS and iOS versions of infuse and the watched indicators status shows up correctly on both, as well as the ability to start an episode on one device and finish it on another.

That means that the basic syncing capability is working fine in inFuse for some people but if it is not working for you there is obviously something not quite right. However how we go about identifying it I have no idea - maybe James will have some suggestions.

I made a lot of “errorswipes” so I for one is very happy with the new method. Infuse should follow the TvOS guidelines to keep it as intuitive as possible. But giving people the option to turn it on might be a good idea if it is possible and there is a broad interest in it.