Infuse TV Shows not showing up

So i finally managed to get aTV flash black installed on my atv2. Everything’s working smoothly. Except for the tv shows not showing up. When i do a scan of my share it does show the number of tv episodes in the stats. But for some reason the tv shows do not show up :/, even though i set the folder on my share as being a tv show :[.

Is there some sort of naming scheme that i need to use for it to work ?

At the moment how it looks on my share is something like this :

----Season 1
--------Episode 1
--------Episode 2
----Season 2
--------Episode 1

I am not sure that infuse can use the folder structure?

I have my TV files named as:
Showname.SnnEnn.more text
and this seems to work fine.

Thanks! that indeed seems to work well. The reason i was a bit confused is because when adding tv shows through itunes ( like i used to do in the past ), it creates that kind of folder structure.

If any admin or firecore employee reads this, it could be a good idea to mention this naming scheme in the infuse getting started guide.

It IS mentioned here in the Support section.