Infuse throws off Plex On Deck

Hello. I have had a long-running problem with lots of unexplained activity in my Plex “On Deck” for some of my libraries.
Things just end up appearing there for no reason.

I have just realized by watching this problem happen on my screen that this seems to be caused by an Infuse Update to my Library tab on IOS. IOS is connected to Plex, and an update causes random shows to appear … sometimes at the expense of legitimate shows.

This is somewhat annoying because On Deck is an easy way to watch the next TV show in a series, and having garbage in it does not help things.

Any idea why this might be happening? I have already tried to delete the libraries from Infuse, completely rebuild the libraries in Plex, and then re-establish the On Deck libraries in Infuse. No change in behavior.

I also verified that this is not some weirdness from Trakt, as it has a correct listing in Up Next…

Any thoughts on what might be happening here?


This is something we’ve seen in a few cases when streaming form Plex via DLNA. However, the new native Plex integration coming in 5.7 will provide a much tighter integration and will allow this issue to be avoided altogether.

Thanks, a native Plex integration will be great. Am I right in assuming that this will allow Plex to be accessed remotely (away from home) within Infuse?
Have any expectations been set with the timing of this upcoming release?


Remote streaming is one of our goals, though it’s not clear yet if this will be included in 5.7 or 5.7.1.

We anticipate 5.7 being available within the next few weeks.