Infuse: The Discovery Version

Infuse features tend to fall into three broad categories:

  1. Player functionality and feature improvements
    Infuse gets ten stars for staying on the cutting edge, even adding Dolby Vision

  2. Integrations
    Media Servers, Cloud services and more have ongoing innovations

  3. Discovery
    This is the only area of huge disappointment.

Its been ten years waiting for basic filters that might come soon, but I think there is an even larger missed opportunity.

When I look at the Plex app they are now way ahead of Infuse in this regard as there is a lot of discovery going on. They’ve also made a lot of services available which Infuse can’t do but maybe Infuse could show the Plex content within Infuse?

Could Infuse play other content from apps installed similar to the way Plex and AppleTV’s TV app work?

Separately, could Infuse work on an integration with IMDB’s lists?

Empower users to go crazy with custom lists that include multiple filters, are social with input from multiple members, maybe even show movies recommended but not in a library so we know it exists and can go and get it.

I want Infuse to be the only app I need so I don’t have to jump between IMDB, TV Time, Plex and Infuse.