Infuse sync only showing for Movies, not TV shows

Not sure if this is just me, however I’ve just noted that when I download movies, they show up on the sync’d tab and I can see both versions of the file when opening the show so I can choose server or local playback.

This isn’t the case with TV Shows oddly, this doesn’t really make sense to me. I’m hoping this is an IBKAC issue (interface between keyboard and chair), as I’ve love this capability for both Movie and TV Shows.

Movie entry showing “unified” server version selection

Movie entry showing “unified” local version selection

TV show entry showing server version in library, note no multi version to choose from

Local File entry showing downloaded version as Sync’d

Confirmation that Infuse see’s the downloaded/sync version by showing a download replace error

TV show sync tab is empty

Where the movie one has many many entries so no screen shot.

Infuse Version - Has been an issue with many versions, current version Version 7.7 (7.7.4675)
Server - Plex Server (all versions)
O/S - MacOS 14.2.1 (23C71)

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