Infuse supporting VOB files

Hi FireCore,

what/how about VOB files?? i’m curious why Infuse don’t support this common file type.

best case scenario is that i just have to copy the VIDEO_TS folder, and Infuse play the whole folder!!!

the dilemma now is, apps supporting Dolby don’t play VOB, apps playing VOB don’t support Dolby…  ;( very sad about this…

hopefully Infuse can support VOB files soon!!

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see what we can do. :)

Yes, I also want to ask this request. I have a lot of DVD formated folders on my NAS.

I can’t open them with INFUSE. Therefor I have installed XBMC as wel on my ATV.

But I don’t like XBMC.

Please add *.vob files to the files that are displayed within the program. I know I can rename them to *.mpg files but I’d rather not have to do that additional step. Thank you.

FYI .VOB file support was added back in 5.6.4. :slight_smile:

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