Infuse support to play videos from ZIP/RAR files


I just bought infuse player on APP Store and i tried to play videos that are compressed in RAR files.

Infuse doesnt played them like KODI does ?

Is there any way to play the videos without needing to unpack the video file ?

Thank You !!!


RAR files are not currently supported, but may be something we add in a future update.

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Hey, any news on this? I would also appreciate this feature very much as I used it on KODI and VLC for Apple TV as well…
I really love (and prefer) Infuse over these other alternatives but the missing rar functionality is a real pain :-/


Just got an ATV4 at started using Infuse, is this is definitely a feature I miss already, since a lot of the series I follow comes in multiple rar’s and coming form Kodi this feature is truly missed, and is why I’m considering whether to pay for Infuse Pro or not…
Hoping to hear an update on this feature (:


Any update to this issue?



I also hope this will be available in the future!
I want to migrate from Kodi to Infuse, but I really don’t want to extract my movie library.


hey, i am new to infuse and movies from rar files are really key for me to transfer completely from Kodi.Is that solved please?

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Any News?

I also was hoping to move to Apple TV 4k from Shield and Kodi, but some basic features are missing that are key. One of them is playing shows from rar files since it is a pain to unpack everything. Another is that you can browse and delete folders so you can delete something when watched.

Hope they implement these basic dealbreaker features instead of other useless stuff :smiley:

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2 years? OMG. My money?!

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Please add support of playing .rar and -zip video files. Usually one video file is split to 1-50 .rar’s.

Any update on this most wanted feature?

Hey, I need this, very badly.

Leave infuse and use kodi instead. Infuse will never fix to read packed rar files. That is the facts.

Also a fact: This request thread has earned fewer than one like per year of its existence on this forum (only five likes in over six years) — those first-post likes being the metric Firecore uses to judge the market return for investing in implementing users’ feature requests.

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Been looking at macOS players that can handle Dolby Vision from mkv, and Infuse certainly can. Very nice, but no RAR support means I will not use it. The people with RAR/mkv content will most likely use Kodi, VLC, Iina, Plex etc. But DV is one area where support is still lacking. You can get Kodi with DV, but it isn’t the official build. But eventually it probably will be.

I’m assuming Firecore wants to get more users to use their player, so there is certainly a window here where they can, since DV content is getting more abundant.

It is important to mention that RAR support is generally only for m0g type archives, ie, no-compression. They are simply split up into files of same size. Once you get past the RAR headers etc, you can just seek and read data. The unrar sources are available (but I can not speak on licenses) and I have in the past patched unrar to allow to specify a seek-offset for pipe() style reading of RAR. These days, you probably would implement it as another container parser though.

I have written both local-mount wrapper to show RAR archives, as well as, an interposing library to preload that wraps open()/read() calls. But newer macOS makes these development ideas much harder to use. It is far better to have the support in the software.

Shame it isn’t opensource :slight_smile: