Infuse support 3d on Apple TV 4k

Does Infuse support 3D on the latest Apple TV 4k? I tried to google that but could not find an answer.

3D movies through Apple TV 4. seems answer is NO?

You’d have to define “support”. I believe that Infuse does support 2D playback of some 3D formats so I’d say give it a try and see if you have some 3D movies.

If you’re talking true 3D playback I’m going to guess no.

The thread you posted was started in 2016 and the last post was in 2020 so there’s no indicators either way about the latest gen ATV4K but if you do the search below you’ll see several suggestions on many aspects of 3D and make sure to add your support to those that you would like to see implemented. :+1:

3D Suggestions for Infuse

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