Infuse Subtitle Language Memory

Hello, everyone. I have a question and I’d like to know if anyone can answer it. Let’s say the default subtitles are English and I manually change them to Portuguese. If I stop the movie and watch it again another day, does Infuse “remember” the language of the subtitles I chose last time? And if so, how long does Infuse remember that choice?

As long as you have iCloud sync on it should remember subtitle selection and remember it until you change it or delete the file.

File specific playback settings (selected audio/subtitle track, zoom setting, etc…)

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Thank you!

What would be nice is for infuse to remember the de-interlacing setting for a specific file. This would be handy when you know a title is definitely progressive, but Infuse is tricked into de-interlacing it, for example.

Since this thread is about Subtitles you may want to start a different thread so this one doesn’t go off the rails. :wink:

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