Infuse stuck on “Fetching Content”

I have a Plex server with a lot of content and when I add it on Infuse it seems to not be able to scan anything.

I tried removing the server and adding it again but that didn’t work. I also tried reinstalling the app but no luck. This happens on my iPhone and MacBook.

Is there a solution to this?


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Define “a lot”.

What version number of Infuse?

How long did you let it run?

Is this a local network Plex server or remote?

If local, have you tried adding the share as something other than plex? SMB, FTP, etc.

Thanks for the response! The server has ~ 20,000 Movies, ~ 2000 4K Movies, ~ 5000 TV Shows, ~ 650 4K TV Shows, etc. There are 25 libraries. The version of Infuse I’m running is 7.3.10 (although, I have tried different versions). I let it run for 2 days before I removed the server and reinstalled Infuse again. The Plex server is a shared server (remote). This happens on all my devices (iPhone running iOS 15.5 and MacBook running macOS Monterey 12.0.1).


Is this on cloud storage?
Google drive or similar?

I’m not sure but it works perfectly on the Plex App/Plex Web.

Mine is stuck fetching content but it’s only on iOS and not my Mac, and my library does have things in it.

I’m also experiencing it, Less than a 1000 movies/series.

Okay, that’s “a lot”. Statement checks out. Lol.

Do you have plenty of free space on your device? Perhaps infuse is using temporary storage and somehow getting stuck? I dunno just a thought

Two nights ago my Infuse Pro 7 stopped loading my library. Just seeing spinning circle and then a splash screen saying my library is being optimized. When I enter the menu settings and check library the counters for TV EPISODES MOVIE OTHER remaining at 0, stuck on Fetching Content For Links . I have made no changes to my Windows 7 laptop, sharing is still enabled. Router and network are unchanged, and local IP addresses are static. When I go into the Shares menu, the folders (and files( are visible and deeper down, the speedtest accesses and loads any file I pick and displays my network speed for each file in real time. This is getting frustrating. The only things I can think might be wrong, I updated my Express VPN the other day, but Infuse was still working. Plus the latest update to Infuse included something about original language displays of meta data titles. I have many foreign language films in my library, mulitlple languages. I am wondering if that may have caused a hiccup? I have 5 hard drives, and about 300 folders…any suggestions will be welcome!

Are you running a VPN? Any Firewall?

I am not