Infuse Stuck in Syncing/Last Updated loop

After updating to Infuse 6.2.1 and running tvOS 13.2 while sitting on the Settings/Library screen to monitor updating status Infuse is stuck in a continuous cycle of sitting at “Last Updated…” for about 5 seconds and then going to “Syncing with iCloud” for about a minute and a half then back to “Last Updated…” This has kept looping for almost an hour that I could tolerate sitting and watching and is still going.

Diagnostic code sent NZKVJ

Hmm, we’ll take a look. Thanks.

It happened to me as well. After rebooting the ATV, Infuse got updated to 6.2.2

We believe this should be resolved in today’s 6.2.3 release.

Please give it a try and let us know if you run into any further issues.

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