Infuse streaming on tp link archer c7 archer1750

hi i need help… is tp link c7 ac1750 is good for streaming 4kbuhd bdmv and .iso files via 2.0 usb port… please guide me if any one used or using thia device

I don’t think that any device will consistently work with 4K streaming reliably on a USB 2.0 connection.

While they claim the AC speeds could be 1300Mbps that’s for AC to AC transfer speeds. USB 2.0 maxes out at 480 Mbps (in a perfect world)

what you says about about c9 ac1900 with 3.0 usb port

can you please tell me is wd ex2 2tb nas is good for 4k movie streaming or router with usb 3.0 port alongwith external hdd is good for streaming 4k media… i dont want to spend money on costly synology…

You’ve asked and been answered about several choices in several other threads like this one

Again, probably your best bet would be the Synology DS216 Play you said you were going to buy. That being said, there is far more than just a router or NAS that determines how a network will perform.

yes i m going to buy there is only 1 piece for sale on cheap rate but unfortunately i cant get it… in my country synology are very short and if available then on double price. e.g ds218j is available 169 in usa and its available in Pakistan for 350… hope u understand… therefore i am asking for cheap device…