Infuse Stream / loads the entire video - High temp

First a fall let me say What a great work you guys have done !!! Love the app.

My question is when i use the infuse on mac & open a media - it works fine.

But it take significant resources 30% cpu & temp spike to 65 C. I can see it tries hard to buffer entire video in local device.

My setup is infuse Macbook Air 2018 - Big sur added with NAS setup.

Is there some setting were it does the buffering less rigorously ?

Or any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Are you sure it’s the downloading of the video or could it be the video decoders working to present the video?

You can go into Preferences > Playback > Streaming Cache and change it from “Auto” to “Legacy” as a test.

thanks let me try this - but what is the difference between Legacy & Auto ?

In broad strokes, Auto will try to buffer the entire video where legacy will take smaller bites and pause and then grab another chunk as the player gets close to finishing the prior chunk.

thank you so much i have made the change & it works well, no temp is not spiking that much - well within acceptable range.

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Would you mind sending in a quick report from Infuse and posting the 5 digit code here?

Infuse > Preferences > Email Us

Isn’t that a stupid change, why waste memory buffering gigabytes of video? It should only buffer enough to ensure there are no stutters, anything more is wasteful.

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