Infuse stops playing movie at exact time every time


Running latest version of Infuse on an Apple TV4, running the latest version of the TVos. Movies are stored in a QNAP NAS, which is transferring the data wirelessly to the Apple TV. On at least two movies, the movie will stop/freeze at the same time location (respectively). For each movie, the time at which the movie stops are different. In one movie it stops at the 00:03:04 minute marker, on the other it stops at the 00:00:04 second marker. At first I thought the files were corrupted. But both movies play fine on the iOS (iphone 6 with latest os) version of Infuse, Plex, Quicktime, and VLC. The Plex server is running on an iMac running the latest version of Yosemite. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your prompt response.

It sounds like it still may be a corruption issue. The other platforms and players may be a bit more fault tolerant than TVos Infuse of the particular error you’re encountering.

I’d suggest downloading a new copy of the two files and see if it persists. Try a different encode too.

I’ve had a few files that did the same thing, quit at a specific time point and all have been remedied by new downloads.

Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I took the files in question and converted them to .mkv format using handbrake. Not sure why, but the mkv files work fine.


I am also having some problems with MKV converted DVD’s with Handbreake. I don’t experience any freezes during playing a film but when I want to rewind or forward the film it stops responding on Apple TV4. I do not have any problems when I use VLC with the same films.

Hi :slight_smile:

Wait for the next major Update!
This “Freeze”-Problem is known and has been fixed :wink:

Thanks for the update.