Infuse stopped syncing, favorites disappearing!

ok, I have been using infuse since it was 1st available for appleTV4, about a week ago when I went to add files from kids iPads, that are logged into the same tract account, the share wouldn’t even appear, had to grab my iPad and look up info for NAS. that was to be expected, even though they are on the same network I thought. So I go to my wife’s iPadAir4th gen, where she is logged into our appleID, and all favorites were gone. Turned on my living room apppleTV4K about an hour ago, says add files but is still logged into tract, and iCloud syncing is on. Go to my Phone where everything is always in sync, again, everything gone but still loved into tract and iCloud syncing is on. Is there a fix for this, or do I have to add things back manually? my office appleTV4k that is logged into the same tract account, and the same appleId is just fine, recently added shows all the movies and tv shows I just added, and the favorites that use to show on iPhone, iPad, and other appleTV4K, are still there. How do I. fix this?

Is it possible the share/favorites was deleted on one of the devices logged in with the main Apple ID?

If a share is deleted on one device, it will also be deleted from other devices.

You can add a layer of protection against accidental deletions by enabling the Parental Controls option in Infuse. There are settings you can fine tune for playback, but having the main option enabled will require a PIN when attempting to enter the Infuse Settings menu.

no, the share still show up on my iPadPro, and office appleTV4K. but on my iPHone12ProMax, and living room appleTV4K, its gone. even signed into traktTV with the same account, and watching history, recently added, and meta data will not sync. I even r stored my appleTV and setup as new, and it still wouldn’t sync even though I was signed into the same appleID as the 2 devices that has the saved share.

Can you check to see if your iCloud storage is full?

This can be done on iOS in Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage.

Also, can you confirm you are running the latest 6.5.6 version on all devices? The Infuse version can be found by scrolling to the bottom of Infuse > Settings.

plenty of storage, have 2TB. and I have automatic updates enabled, but always check to make sure. Yes all devices are on the latest update.

Sorry, I missed your reply here.

Is this still an issue for you in the current version?

No, the only issue I am having now, is my watch history won’t sync across multiple appleTV’s, so if i watch something in the basement, it doesn’t show up in the recently watch list in the living room.

Can you check to ensure Pro is activated on all devices? (the Pro logo should be visible in Infuse > Settings)

Yes it is, and signed in to the same trakTV account on both.

Can you try singing out of Trakt on all devices, and see if that works any differently?

We added iCloud syncing of watched history awhile back, so Trakt is no longer required to keep watched statuses in sync.

Isn’t trakTV the way the in app purchase is shared, or is there a different way now?

Apple started supporting native sharing of in-app purchases and subscriptions in iOS/tvOS 14.2.

This works pretty much automatically, but you will want to ensure the existing subscription is shared in App Store > Profile > Subscriptions > Infuse.