Infuse stopped showing recently added movies

Hey there!

I have been an Infuse Pro user for quite some time now, and I’m loving everything about the application. Unfortunately, just the other day I ran into a problem which has begun to finally annoy me. I can no longer seem to get my newly added movies to show up when they are added.

I have no problem fetching and importing the movies from my home NAS. After importing, the new movies are able to be searched and played, but are not displayed as new. This makes it really hard for me to check and see which movies I might have added to my library but forgot the names of.

Steps I have taken to remedy this issue:
Completely cleared metadata from my Infuse app
Completely deleted the Infuse app and reinstalled

After doing both of those things, I’m unfortunately still having the issue. Would a dev or someone well acquainted with Infuse be able to tell me what kind of checking is done against files which are new? Is Infuse simply checking the modified file date? Or does Infuse track new imports another way? I’m just trying to isolate this and see if this is a known problem or if there is something wrong with the way my NAS is dating files.

Thank you!

  • codsane

Welcome to the forum!

Awhile back, we started using file dates for determining which videos were recently added. This allows for a consistent experience across all devices.

You may check to see if the Recently Added files you are seeing in Infuse match up with the files that have the most recent creation dates.