Infuse stopped showing all my TV shows

Infuse stopped showing all my TV shows. They were all there yesterday, now over half are just not showing up. It is cloud synced to DropBox. I have tried quitting. Restarting the AppleTV, with no luck. I have hit the update library button…still no help.

More information. Even when I manually browse Dropbox within Infuse it does not show most of my files. It’s like it is stuck on a cached view from months ago. I’ve tried uninstalling, deleting the meta file, nothing seems to get infuse to even see my Dropbox files.

Have you been able to log into dropbox and verify that you can still access those specific files? Sounds like it may have possibly been down for a bit.

We were typing at the same time. :wink: Can you get into dropbox with a computer and try playing the same file with a different player like VLC to test things out?

I can mount Dropbox as a share on my Mac and see and play any of the files with VLC. I can access Dropbox and see the files from various other apps on my iPhone. Only infuse will not see all my Dropbox files

Are the files that are not showing in Infuse located in a different directory or folder than the ones you can see?

All the files are in the same folder. Some show up others do not. There is no logic to it such as file type or naming structure. The only logic I see is it looks like a view from months ago.

About how many files are in this folder? I’m trying to get an idea of how long it should take to scan and back up to icloud for your dropbox files.

There are about 650 tv episodes in the folder. Infuse keeps showing the same limited list of episodes, no matter what I do. It never changes or updates. I delete and reinstall, add dropbox as a share, and again it ends up showing exactly the same list again with no differences, missing all the other files.


I finally had to create a new folder in Dropbox, and then move all my media files from the existing old folder into the new folder. Then in Infuse, I just pointed to the new folder and everything showed up almost instantly. Again I surmise it is some sort of save preference file/cache that is causing the problem.

Glad you figured it out!

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