Infuse stopped playing my BR backup mkv files at all or no DTS-MA

Very strange, it was working perfectly and now my Metallica Through The Never 3D won’t play :(… I can see the circle going for ever no picture, no sound.
And now another one Sting Live in Berlin, passthrough does not work also very strange behavior.

We’re looking into a few reported issues with 3D Blu-rays, and hope to have more news soon.

With regard to DTS-HD MA, we recommend leaving Infuse’s Audio Output option set to Auto, and the Apple TV set to Best Quality Available. You can of course enable the Passthrough option in Infuse, but this will give you regular DTS and not DTS-HD.

A bit more info on the available options can be found here.

Thanks, if I were at any help (logs, tests, anything) @your service.


We have a few 3D Blu-rays here that are exhibiting 2 separate issues, but I’ll definitely reach out if something else may come up.

Just one more thing, before the update Infuse was playing my Metallica 3D MKV - it was actually playing it in 2D but the sound and the picture was there. Now it seems to be stuck.
So Infuse 5.2 (in 2D) but works fine
Infuse 5.3 & the latest one 5.3.1 - stuck, unable to play the file

We’ll take a look. Thanks.

Some more tests results:

  1. I copied BR 1:1 – Infuse plays the image but in 2D there is not even 3D option available as a choice given.
  2. I copied the main track in 3D option only: MKV gets stuck.
  3. I copied main track in 2D/3D option – Infuse plays MKV but 2D only, not even 3D option available as a choice given.
  4. I copied the main track in 3D option only but output set to mp4 file – all good, file is played (side by side, top/down).
  5. Sideloaded KODI (latest built)– more or less same effect as with Infuse, choosing 2D you are able to play the file, 3D file gets stuck. We talk MKV files only or BR image. MP4 plays like a dream.
    Which makes me think, that IOS may play the role here as it was also updated recently.