Infuse stopped playing files off mac mini network share

I am suddenly unable to play anything on my mac mini (wifi, local) from infuse (apple tv, mac pro, ipad). All was fine until recently when everything being served off the mac mini HD and attached USB HD don’t work anymore. Just spinner for a LONG time (on mac I force quit long before I get an error). The posters and stuff all load but I can’t play anything.
Tried deleting the share and adding it again in all aps more than once. Nada.
Playing from shared HD’s plugged into MacPro - no problem from Mac Pro, iPad or ATV
Just absolutely no connection to Mac mini anymore.

When on ATV I select to ‘forget this share’/delete it just comes back again. Not sure if that’s due to Apple cloud stuff? Tried deleting and adding again on mac pro and ipad. Same problem.

Mac mini server 2010 / High Sierra (10.13)
Infuse Mac 7.7.5
All on same 2.4GHz wifi

*edit Been trying all sorts of ways to disconnect/reconnect and noticed that for my Mac pro I can edit both username and password. But for the mac mini the username is not accessible once the share has been added again (its a grey default johnnyappleseed) and then I can only set a password.
Also when I delete share (mac version) and add it again, it seems to connect and add the folders perfectly. Just wont actually play anything.
Computer to computer sharing on network is as normal.

Does the server on the mini have a dedicated ip address?

I don’t think it has at the moment. Although every time I hit “renew DHCP lease” button on the Network/Advanced/TCPIP server tab it comes up with the same IP address. On the router there are no permanent assignments under the DHCP listing. But the Mac Pro does have a fixed IP under this section.

If you are able to replicate the error and submit a diagnostic report (and post the code here) I can take a look at the detailed error message which may provide a clue as to what may be going on here.

Not sure what you mean by ‘replicate the error’? The problem is it will not play anything from the Mac Mini.
Since the above I have made a fixed IP address for the Mac Mini. I restarted it and checked that that is working. It is. I have deleted and re-added all the user accounts for sharing (basically the usual Apple ones and the main user/admin of the Mac Mini.
I deleted the share from Infuse (Apple TV).
I re-added the share. Adding the favorites folders was taking on average around 5-8 minutes every time to open a single folder in hierarchy.
I deleted the share and restarted everything again.
This time adding favourites was its usual speed - ie all but instant.
I am unable to change the name from macmini.local to IP number.
I added the MAC address.
I do not know why it suggests an email adress to add the share? I added the username of the mac mini and password as I am not sure what password its expecting with the email address? So the username and password are for the admin Mac Mini user.
Tried a speed test. Got some activity but again, dismal speed so I gave up.
The Mac Mini registers Apple TV user connected via SMB
Its slow opening folders (ring spinner) and getting to the episode to be able to play.
Play button hit. Wait (longest 8 minutes 43 seconds of watching apple spinner) for never less than 48 seconds, usually more before something plays. It then plays for less than 10 seconds and the apple spinner is back. It never plays again.Or at least I have never waited longer than 24 minutes and 32 seconds for it to play again.
At least its opening something!
But functionally its all completely useless.

HBZD5 emailed to (infuse - Apple TV)
57P7W (infuse - Mac Pro)

According to the logs, Infuse is attempting to connect to ‘macmini.local’ but the connection is timing out. This usually means the device is offline or not available due to other reason (incorrect address, config issue on the Mac, network issue, etc…).

The share address cannot be changed after a share is saved, so if you want try using a static IP address you can create a new share in Infuse by navigating on Apple TV to Infuse > Settings > Shares > Available Shares > Other…

Note: The option to select an email address for the username field is a system feature that is trying to be ‘helpful’. An email address cannot be used for connecting to a Mac via SMB so you will want to select the ‘Enter New…’ option from that list to enter a regular username.

Note 2: Many routers will automatically switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Devices should always be able to communicate with each other regardless of which band they are using, but we have seen cases where this does not happen with some routers. This results in a device being available on one band but not another. This can lead to connection issues as the Apple TV may be running on one band but the Mac is on another (this can also play a role if you are using Ethernet mixed with Wi-Fi).

I have lost count of how many times I have deleted and re added the share. Now it has been done at least 3 times AFTER changing the IP to a fixed address (something I only did earlier today). I am quite aware it is not connecting! This is the problem.

The mac mini says in system preferences / sharing / options to connect to the IP address not “macmini.local” but I cannot change that when I add the share.

I did use the mac mini’s account name/password not the email address

I am not sure now what I can do different since I have already done numerous times what you suggested and why for months it has been working fine.

You can if you use the “Other” under available shares. Infuse will scan for the shares it can find but you can add others that it doesn’t see. That’s where you can enter the IP address instead of the network name.

OK, I have done this. I again removed and deleted the share. It offers it again as “Mac Mini” but I selected “other” and added all over again but with IP address in that slot which was now editabble.

Then I added the favourites again. But test does not work. I am impatient now and it takes long to do nothing.

Neither can I play anything!

I think from what I can see it IS connecting to the mac mini but when I press the play button that is where the problem begins.

Eventually it will start playing, but then suddenly stop within seconds, and thereafter never again until I exit and try another file and will get the same result?

How is it that infuse can read directories/folders to add to favourites, the folders and file contents for the speed test if it cannot connect to the device? I don’t understand this.

A few questions, first, how are you connecting to the mini? SMB, FTP, etc.

Second, if you go to the Infuse Library page, has it finished the scans and fetching and iCloud syncing?

Third, if you’re using SMB, what level are you using? 1, 2, 3, Legacy? Legacy may be the best choice for a 2010 Mac.

With SMB I presume as that is how I added the share.
Yes it has loaded all the posters etc once I added the favorites
I am using “auto”
I have made a video from deleteing the share again doing a test, then trying to play a file (spoiler: it doesnt until long after I stopped, and then for 3 seconds until spinner again)
I dont know if its useful but then how to send it to you? (email info@firecore again with what reference?)

EDIT OK I sent video in reply to email from James.

Also - I deleted the password for 5G connection so that it doesnt automatically connect by mistake

For many months since December when I set up apple TV and infuse all SMB etc was on “auto” so I dont think that is a problem. I have never had a problem until last week

NC/Bullseye & James

Here is video I recorded from Mac Pro: Delete Mac Mini share and make new one until try to play tv episode)

Apologies, I misread your original post and reviewed the logs for Apple TV, but now I see you are having an issue on Mac.

Anyways, it looks like it is able to connect but those speeds are very, very slow. This is usually means there is a network bottleneck somewhere (Wi-Fi signal, bad ethernet cable, router settings, etc…).

One thing you can do to try and improve this from the Infuse end is to adjust the SMB version in Infuse to see if the speeds improve. The option for SMB version is under the Advanced tab of the share’s settings. You may try either SMB2 or Legacy to see if this changes anything for you

The issue is not just with the Mac version, its iPad and ATV as well. They are all identical in behaviour. I cannot agree its the network. Computers work fine on the network (six of them)
Infuse has worked perfectly for months and accessing the shares attached to the Mac Pro (from iPad and ATV) is no different now than it ever was. It’s the shares attached to the Mac Mini that are no longer accessible. Suddenly there was some change last week (updates?). I dont know. Its certainly not any one device that has the problem.
The speeds are not just slow, they just completely don’t work. But only when it comes to playing a video. Navigating the posters etc is fine. Until yu hit play.
As you see did not see in the video, as I terminated it, is that eventually the file will play, but for 10 secs and then freeze and never play again.
I have now tried every single SMB option but there is absolutely no difference. The Mac Pro shares works fine from all deices, but the Mac Mini can no longer play any video.
Since the majority of files are on that device this whole setup has now become useless.

How is the Mini connected to your LAN? If it’s Ethernet then maybe try a new cable. If WiFi then maybe try Ethernet temporarily to rule out the WiFi.

If the share from the Mac Pro works and the share from the Mini doesn’t it almost has to be an issue with the Mini itself either OS or hardware issues starting.

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I recently had a similar connectivity issue to the one you’re describing and it turned out to be a VPN software program I had added to my Mac Mini. My solution was to turn off the VPN software from loading automatically and rebooting the computer. I am able to replicate the issue, so I now only run my VPN when needed. I have yet to determine if there’s a configuration setting that will allow both the VPN to run and access my Mac Mini share.

Just something to consider…

Thanks. don’t have a VPN at all.

I have actually dismantled the entire wifi network and all routers/connections and set it up again. It seemed to work but soon back to same situation.

Mini is connected 2.4G wifi.

I tried ethernet to ATV and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately tying the ATV and Mac mini together made it so the ATV could no longer connect over the network anymore. The mac mini shared Internet but couldn’t share access to the network? Or I couldn’t make it do that. So I tried mounting the Mac Pro’s hard drives on the Mac Mini and adding it in. But then all the apps on the ATV started becoming problematic with sharing Internet from Mac Mini!

The only other alternative would be to move the mac mini to where the router is but then I have no monitor for it there and I have learned its impossible to rely on screen sharing to work 100%. Plus I use it now and again for other Internet purposes through the TV.

In the end I kinda gave up after that as it had been a long night! Maybe you’re right and its some sort of hardware issue

edit I have noticed during all this that using the 5G connection seems to be problematic with the Mac Mini. Initially it seemed faster but soon it seemed to switch itself back to 2.4G. This would happen whenever I switched the HDMI to ATV and when the screensaver came on. I deleted the 2.4 option so it couldn’t do that automatically but then it just disconnected! When I reversed this - 2.4G as only option the mini stays connected to the wifi all the time. Also while I am working on changing and reconnecting etc it occasionally works as it should!

And then later, nope its all gone again. Crazy.

In troubleshooting, have you tried connecting to your share via another computer? If you don’t have one, maybe a friend can lend you one. This will verify a issue with the Mac Mini or an issue with the ATV/Infuse. If it does connect, make sure you can access the existing files and transfer files in/out.

Yes, I have tried with infuse on a macbook, on the mac pro and on an ipad apart from the ATV. The computers can also connect filesharing and screen sharing to the mac mini and copy files back and forth without issues. Although I don’t think file sharing happens via SMB?
All connect via infuse to the Mac Pro’s shares without issue, but the Mac Pro is connected to the router via both ethernet and wifi.
There is something amiss with the Mac Mini via wifi. As I tested, if its plugged directly into the ATV with an ethernet cable it works as expected.

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