Infuse still mess up my metadata and posters

I am using an ATV4K and Infuse 6.5.3. I have enabled iCloud Sync and Automatic Metadata.

Most of my movie collection is in english, so I set the metadata language to english to get the metadata and posters in that language. I also have a few titles in danish, so I then set the metadata language to danish and manually refresh the danish titles to get the danish metadata and posters. After all this, I set the metadata language back to english and keep it there.

Thats all good for a few weeks until I see, that my danish titles have suddently reverted back to english metadata and covers. Why is this happening and what can I do to stop it? Isnt iCloud Sync suppose to keep my metadata and covers in the language I first downloaded them in? What happens if I set metadata language to auto?

In TV Shows I also notice from time to time, that posters I have manually downloaded and put into the folders, sometimes gets overwriten by the TVDB posters and after a while reverts back to my manually downloaded posters.