Infuse Speed Test Shows Entire HD Contents

My first NAS arrives tomorrow so I’ve been perusing the forum. I just read about Speed Test in Infuse and was surprised to see my entire HD contents listed. I only have one share created on tvOS Infuse (7.5.3), pointing to (favoriting) a Media folder containing two other folders, Movies and TV shows. Why are my entire MBP contents (every folder and file name) visible in Speed Test? Is that normal?

Of course I have Mac file sharing turned on, but the only two folders I am sharing are the aforementioned Media folder and a public Dropbox folder which is empty.

Hey man.

From a very basic point of view, Infuse of course isn’t causing any issue here, InFuse will see what it has permissions to see, so I would check the permission settings on the MBP.

Depends how you have added the share in Infuse and set it up, I’m not sure I follow what you mean. Lets take a simple example of how shares work, this applies generally and not limited to MAC etc.

So below are two paths I made up for the purpose of this reply, they are paths not shares:

Real Path: \naylor-mac\users\naylor\infuse-stuff\movies
Real Path: \naylor-mac\users\naylor\infuse-stuff\tv

So if you are creating a SHARE you would I assume point it to the path folder ‘infuse-stuff’…the result should be that when other devices look for shares they will just look like this:

Share: \naylor-mac\infuse-stuff\

If setup correctly then Infuse will only see ‘infuse-stuff’, and the folders within it when it comes to adding it to Infuse.

The problem could arrise when you see the your server device auto populate in in the ‘Add files’ section at the top, if you click on your server device there then add in your credentials for said device you could be using an account for your MAC which has access to the entire file system anyway. In which case your files are added to Infuse as \naylor-mac\ and then everything after that it will see, you point your favourites to the two folders you want to but when it comes to speed test it will be looking at the \naylor-mac\ path.

I am guessing a little here but really the cleanest way to share folders is to create an additional account on the server side, in your case the MAC, then give this account user rights to the folders you want to share to Infuse, then when adding your share paths to infuse use that account to authenticate and not your normal MAC user account you use day to day. That new account will only have access to those two folders if setup rightt

You are unlikely to come across the same from your NAS because you will authenticate with your NAS shares using a new account anyway and not the MAC account.

Let me know if you have questions so I can clarify.


Makes perfect sense and thanks for taking the time. I was just irrationally taken aback when I saw I could browse all of my files and folders on tvOS Infuse. Then, realizing I have given infuse my Mac admin password (good advice on setting up additional account- I read I should do that on the NAS too as an additional security measure), I started imagining the good people at Infuse having access to my entire HD, ha ha. I know that’s not possible.

I’m obviously a beginner, and have been having a great time adding movies (and watching them!) with Infuse. So much so that my 4TB hd filled up and got me looking at a NAS. Now I’m just hoping all the ocd noise posts from reddit were just that, and that the mailman arrives on time. Thanks again.


No problem at all, im glad my speculation led to the reason why, these are all lessons we all learn one way or another. But its cool you have setup shares to test Infuse on the ATV, its what I would do waiting for my NAS to arrive if I had one, I would get impatient and want to test the concept, problem is you are testing on a platform which in some respects is more complicated to setup, creating shares on a MBP then sharing that to the ATV is perhaps more complicated then using a NAS.

NAS’ are designed for sharing really and their GUI is all tailored that way, indeed the same concept applies, you will setup an ‘root’ or ‘admin’ account for the NAS to configure it, you should setup another account on the NAS for Infuse, I do the same, I just have an account called ‘Infuse’ with read only permissions to the shares…then Infuse just uses that account to access via your chosen method, FTP, SMB etc…my personal favourite is FTP because its super fast but its up to you which one you want to use, your NAS will offer many share types.

Glad I could help, have a good time on your beginner journey!


I bought a 4-bay Synology to start (that currently has 40TB of hard drives in it); but now I’m wishing I’d bought an 8 bay.

Between backups of all the videos I’ve shot for work and my compulsive collecting and digitizing of my blu-ray and hd-dvd (remember those) discs; my thinking “How will I ever need more than 40TB?” question was answered after just a year and a half. Since then I’ve been steadily shuffling data back off the NAS to older hard drives in constant battle to free up more space.

Food for thought. :slight_smile:


I hear you but I think the 4 8TB drives in my 923 will do me fine even with SHR making it 24TB actual capacity. I could be wrong, but I’m already thrilled with my modest movie collection and the simplicity of cataloging and playing them using just Infuse. Anything more will be icing on the cake for this contented end user.

It’s wild to a now officially old guy like me that I have just about every movie I’ve ever seen, all available instantly to view on a 63" TV (I sat on the floor in front of a “console” B&W TV watching the moon landing at age 11).

Every James Bond film (I had the toy Bond attache case as a kid), The Naked Prey (1965), my first drive-in memory, Panic in Year Zero (1962), one of my favorites with Ray Milland and Frankie Avalon, with a great tinny jazz score by Les Baxter. Dr. Zhivago (went with my older brother), Superman and the Mole Men (1951), Hercules (Steve Reeves). And of course all the classics like Blade Runner, The Godfather Collection, Taxi Driver (I drove a Checker cab in Philly), 2001, Fahrenheit 451, not to mention Fellini, Tarkovsky, Godard (Breathless!), Truffaut, Jean Gabin, etc. I’m not a well rounded cinephile; I’m watching many of these foreign films for the first time. Having a blast.


People ask if we had remote controls, yup, we WERE the remote controls for our parents. Hey, kid, go change the channel!

It must be a “certain age” thing. I just got my first NAS about a year ago and like you I wondered how I’d ever fill it. Today, while not quite there, I know how. :wink:

You can relax a bit, I’m pretty sure that if you ever need more room the DS923+ can take the 5 bay expansion case.

Enjoy, I sure do. Nothing like watching Dr. Strangelove without having to watch from the back seat standing to see over the front seat. LOL


Peter Sellers was supposed to play FOUR roles, but I read he didn’t think he could master the Texas accent, so thankfully they signed Slim Pickens. George C. Scott is hilarious in that movie too! One of the first added to my collection. I have 10 other Kubrick films, starting with his first feature, Fear and Desire (1953). My first car was a yellow '71 bug, and the one in The Shining was a '73! :slight_smile: Great search feature in Infuse to bring them all up at once.

Well all my hardware arrived, and by following SpaceRex’s youtube setup guide it was a breeze. How to actually upload files to the NAS was a mystery to me until I simply used the Mac finder (per reddit). All Mac UI! So cool. I’ve even lowered the Synology’s led lights to low. Of course Infuse recognized the NAS and I set up the share without issue.

The hardest part was plugging everything into my cheap APC UPS laying down under the TV cabinet, then pushing it to the rear and standing it up, all without moving said cabinet or TV atop it! My little $75 Beryl travel router is handling things marvelously. This is almost as cool as my James Bond attache.

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One suggestion for the Synology NAS, turn off the trashbin option. That can create issues (may be remedied in 7.5.4 but since I disabled it earlier I can say for sure)

APC has done me right for decades. The APC Smart UPS 1500 keeps everything running great for my primary computer, NAS, router, and a handful of external hard drives.

Have fun!


I’ve always keep my recycle bins on because I’m painfully aware I occasionally make mistakes.

New update is supposed to ignore files in the recycle bin.

The thing that works for me, however, is the recycle bins are attached to each share on the NAS — not each folder. So my NAS share is “Movies and TV” — and this share has subfolders including “Movies”, “TV”, and a recycle bin.

The two folders I’ve shared to Infuse are “Movies” and “TV” — not their parent folder “Movies and TV”.

You’ll only see the recycle bin (on older versions of Infuse) if you connect Infuse to the top-level folder of the NAS Share itself.

Don’t add this:

Add these (the items with the :star:s):

Any videos deleted from either the “Movies” or “TV” folders on my NAS, or any of their subfolders, gets moved across (or up and across) to the recycle bin for the “Movies and TV” share. As that bin is outside the “Movies” and “TV” folders, Infuse will never see them — but will notice the next time it “scan(s) for changes” that the videos were removed from the shared folders, and thus remove the deleted items from the library. :+1:t3:


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