Infuse Sort Order missing 'folders' setting

The current sort order in Infuse Settings include: Title, Filename, Date & Release Date. However, if you are using libraries with movies in a folder structure and have Filename selected, the folders are completely missing among all the movie filenames. Adding folders to the libraries AND the option ‘Folder’ to the Sort Order in settings should allow the Library sort order to display alphabetically folders first followed by filenames which is the same way most OS’s can display hard drive contents. This would also eliminate showing movies below that are inside the folders, i.e. adding folders to libraries forces a single level gathering of contents. Unselecting folders in the sort settings would revert the display to how it is today. This addition would resolve the long standing issue Infuse has had not displaying folders AND provide a way to sort them up front.

Fyi, using an SMB folder share instead of library currently is the only way to show folders. Doing so eliminates the ability to use any of the added Infuse features ex) smart groups & others, which are specifically designed to only work with Libraries.

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