Infuse smb opn Windows 10 PC doesn't wok with VPN

On my Windows 10 PC I have a VPN client. Shares are made, SMB is activated.
But with VPN connecting to the internet I don’t have a connection from Infuse on my Iphone.
Closing the VPN on my PC than is there again a connection with Infuse.
I use a local account…

How can I work with VPN active on my PC.

Hi there, well let’s unpack a few things and try to confirm what you are trying to achieve…

So what you are saying is you have some VPN client software installed on your WIN10 PC like Express VPN, NORD etc…a commercial VPN software client to encrypt your traffic and alter your public IP address ← the one your ISP gives you.

When that VPN client is activated you are unable to reach the SMB shares from your iPhone.

Right so in theory this should work fine because Infuse iOS app should be looking for your Windows 10 machines via its LOCAL IP, 192.168.x.x or whatever range you have set. A commercial VPN client generally only gets involved with internet traffic and internal LAN traffic remains unaffected. At least thats how my Express VPN is working. The Encrypted Tunnel is there with its own IP for internet traffic outside my LAN but the local adapter is still reachable by the local IP DHCP has given it.

Thats how it should work and 100% can work, provided of course we are talking about that your iOS Infuse is on the same local network as the WIN10 machine, if you are talking about connecting remotely from outside of your LAN and you are running a VPN client then thats a whole different issue.

On your iPhone where you have the SMB shares added in Infuse are you using IP address or the hostname of your Win10 machine? If you plan on running a commercial VPN client always on the Win10 machine I would map your infuse shares via the local IP address of your Win10 machine. I have just tested this, when I have my VPN Client ON I cannot reach my Win10 machine via its hostname, turn it off then I can, but via IP it still works either way. So in iOS Infuse change your SMB shares to connect to the IP of your WIN10 machine and not your hostname. I expect VPN Clients are blocking some sorta network discovery or DNS or something, I dunno.

You can find out the local IP address of your Win10 machine by opening command prompt (CMD) and typing ipconfig, you probably know what it is anyway.

So instead of


do this


Of course replacing the IP address with your WIN10 machines address.

At least in my lab just now this fixed the issue you describe.

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I used the Hostname instead of IP on Infuse. Now deleted the hostname connection and installed a new using the IP adress. Luckely I use a Static IP adress for the PC.
After activating the VPN the connection still remains. I use Nordvpn or VPN Nederland. Both commercial VPN. Also on de Iphone…

A couple off weaks ago it worked with VPN, but which update this problem raised?

Thankx for your answer, it solved my problem.


Glad its working now!

Yeah I reserve my fileservers static IP in DHCP table also, best way so it wont change so you are fine to set it then.

Dont know which update, I replicated the issue without using Infuse, My MacBook failed to see SMB shares on my Win10 box when the Win10 box had the VPN active. I doubt it’s an Infuse update causing this.

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