Infuse slow to display large folders on every access with SMB protocol


I have a folder full of 760 subfolders, and I access them with SMB,
It take exactly 8 secs to load the tree to the screen with Infuse but almost instantaneous (1 secs) in other Apps like PlayerXtreme.

Can’t use DLNA, because this protocol doesn’t support external subtitles with srt extension.

Any workaround ?
Does Infuse load the tree from scratch every access ? Can be disabled ?
Thank you.

Have you tried using the Library? It’s a ton faster.

Yep! but the library is suited for movies & series not videos courses that should be organized in a folder structure.


The Library needs to preload all data first, and it’s not suitable for structured repertories.

If just we had a simple view like in Setting>AddFiles, it’s so fast.