Infuse slow load w/ Jellyfin

Why does it take this long for infuse to load?
On the top, we are waiting for it to find out what I’ve watched and where I am in those shows.
Under that, it took even longer to load on deck.
After a painfully long time, you’ll notice it’s still loading something on the top right.

Once it loads could you do a speed test in Infuse and post the results?

I don’t see a speed test option within the app.

However my mobile speed is fine

Settings > Add Files > Saved Shares > Tap Edit for share with videos on it > Scroll down to Speed Test > Select a larger video file and run the speed test. Also a screen cap of the graph available with those results may help.

Is this share located on a LAN or is it a cloud service?

google drive->rclone->mergerfs->jellyfin

A few things to try.

  1. Check to ensure you are using Infuse 7.4.1
  2. Try updating to Jellyfin 10.8
  3. Ensure InfuseSync 1.4.2 is installed on the server (a server restart may be required)

Yeah bro my Jellyfin is up to date. Performs the same way if I’m doing google drive direct, plex, or Jellyfin. I’m also 100% using the latest infuse. Even tried beta

I think it’s worth mentioning this only happens on ios. on mac connected to the same connection, it loads fine