Infuse skips end

Viewing on the phone.
If I stop when there is just some minutes left of an episode when I’m going back to look at the end infuse has skipped the end and marked it as viewed.
Is it as setting I’m missing or a bug?

Actually neither. Infuse will consider a video watched based on percentage that will normally cover the credits.

Here’s an older thread that discusses this a bit.

Aah ok. Thanks. I searched but didn’t find. A little confusing because it does not say that there is a treshhold.I mean if it actually skips x percent of what ever you are watching that should be noted in the setting.

Anyway Thanks alot for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

So there are no setting? Not possible to turn off?!?

Not at this time, sorry.

Hope it gets changed so you at least can toggle it on and off