Infuse shows incomplete TV series episodes list


I have just loaded an entire 11 seasons TV series on my Synology NAS. I can clearly see all 11 folders, nicely named, in order. But Infuse on my Apple TV 4K would only show seasons 3 to 11, I don’t understand why 1 and 2 are completely missing. I have tried to manually scan for library changes a few times, relaunched Infuse, restarted Apple TV, but no luck. The rest of the seasons and episodes are correctly shown with online metadata, so no issues here, it’s just the 2 missing folders Infuse cannot see.

Everything else works completely fine with Infuse.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you looking in the Library? If so, look in the “Other” category. Sometimes series get misnamed for the files and they don’t get recognized. If they are in others you can select one and try the edit metadata function and see if you can bring them in to the TV section.

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Thank you! That was exactly the problem! The missing individual episodes were named in a different and wrong way. After I edited each of them and rescanned the library, all are now neatly organised.

Having been bitten by that same bug I can relate to how frustrating that can be!

Glad your all set now!

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