Infuse Showing Files From A Share Not Selected

Hopefully I have posted this in the right area and a quick Google didn’t show up other topics created for this.

I have two shares added to my Infuse (Apple TV 4K 2nd Gen); one is a direct SMB share from my Synology NAS and the other is a Plex share from a Plex server on this very same NAS. I prefer to not use Plex myself, but have it to share my media with friends/family; it is added as a Share but is unticked in my Library. The Plex share is only there so I can check the meta data if need be as my friends/family use the Plex share in Infuse.

The issue I have is that newly added content if flagged as ‘Watching’ will appear from the Plex share even though it is unticked. So if I use the example of Rings of Power, I will have the Plex share episode if this appear in ‘Watching’ and the SMB share one appear in ‘Recently Added’. The Plex share one should not be appearing in my infuse Library at all. I think this has been happening since version 7.x.x.

The Watching list in Infuse may include items that are not checked in the Library section.

If you prefer to hide this section of the list, you can adjust the ‘Up Next List’ option in Infuse > Settings.

Thanks for the tip James, but is this a bug or is it intended functionality to include items from unselected libraries?

In my experience / understanding, all multiple instances of the same identified title (movie or tv episode) are treated as one item as far as the library database is concerned.

Have a movie in both 1080p and 4K? You’ll see separate entries, but watched status is updated for both.

Same if you have multiple cuts of the same movie (theatrical plus extended / director’s cut): You might watch the theatrical cut first, and then go to watch the director’s (but since TMDB doesn’t distinguish between them, neither does Infuse); the director’s cut version will already be marked as “watched”.

Same goes if you have multiple copies of the same title in multiple disc / share locations.

Titles that are accessed outside the library still get indexed/identified via TMDB; so they’ll share whatever watched status the one already in your library has — and vice versa.

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