Infuse showing deleted files on NAS as newly added

I think this issue has been reported several times over the years so this may be a regression.

Library of video files is stored on NAS.
Delete a file using Infuse UI / Infuse file management feature.
File is removed from Infuse.
File is moved to recycle bin directory on NAS (#recycle), which is inside the monitored parent directory (each directory has its own #recycle on Synology).
Infuse sees the file appear in #recycle and adds it to library / newly added.
Files do eventually disappear when recycle bin is emptied.

What I expect:
Infuse ignores files in #recycle

I just turned off the recycle bin on the shares used by Infuse.

On the Synology NAS it’s Control Panel → Shared Folder → [FOLDER_YOU_NEED] → ‘Edit’ button → Uncheck ‘Enable Recycle Bin’ on General tab.

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I wouldn’t want to turn off the recycle bin in case something (or a LOT of somethings) get deleted accidentally.

Instead I’d suggest not including the parent directory in the library. My Synology media share is named “Movies and TV” and in that folder there are two subfolders named “Movies” and “TV” (each containing additional subfolders with all my content) — the “Movies” and “TV” folders are what’s favorited and checked in Infuse. The recycle bin is created in the “Movies & TV” share folder, at the same level as “Movies” and “TV” and thus isn’t indexed.

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