Infuse sees but cannot connect to SMB share; VLC, all others normal

It would help if you’d post what version number of Infuse you’re running and if you’re not able to connect at all or getting a slow connection. How are you adding the share? Does it show as available SMB share or are you having to enter all info?

Also what are you running for a server?

Infuse Pro 7.5.8 (4470)

(honestly, the answer to your question was in the same sentence you quoted)

Not really relevant as connection by IP or by NetBIOS name also don’t work same as discussed above, just as the connection by bonjour name. And just as discussed already in this topic, VLC works fine.

Anyway, everything should be in the logs, I’ve mentioned the code for them in the first message.

As a user supported board we don’t have access to your diagnostics that you submitted.

Sorry to aggravate you by asking questions. Just trying to help. With so many different users using different servers and settings sometimes we need to ask questions to offer a solution.

Just confirming that this is still a live issue for me as well. Samba, underlying Debian OS and Infuse all up to date, Infuse still sees SMB share but fails instantly when trying to connect.

I haven’t been able to run those requested packet traces, as just after they were requested above my wife was diagnosed with cancer and we’ve had a lot on our plates dealing with that.

In this case, the developers just need to fix the product. This is the only issue in this thread. They have all the information they need and are able to setup appropriate testing environments to fix this. Don’t try to make this into a “you are holding it wrong” discussion.

And with an approach like this, I can’t see Firecore not immediately jumping right on it, top-priority, 24-7, all hands on deck, don’t stop till its solved; just to please you, their most loyal and valued customer.

Shouldn’t be a minute.

So we have a situation here where two guys are running Linux and getting the same error when trying to connect on SMB3, one is on Debian and the other Ubuntu……well and a 3rd guy who got really upset quick and possible booted from the topic, Rivermaize…not sure he posted what the setup was he was running though.

Apple indeed should be more than capable of connecting over SMB3, there must be something in a debug log somewhere that gives a clue.

I would offer some peace making here to those who are getting upset, no one’s forcing anyone to use Infuse, I mean something wasn’t working for me for a long time and yes I would have liked Infuse to fix it but in the end I just changed something my end and moved on.

There’s plenty of supported file sharing methods, generally speaking for file transfer/steaming I would recommend running SFTP if you want encryption. Doesn’t mean you cant run SMB3 for the other systems that are working. You get a far better overview of what’s going on with an SFTP server and it is specifically designed for file transfer. Also NFS is there and imo preferred by Linux.

VLC is going to have more of a chance with working with everythjng, it’s Open Source where as nearly all Apple Products live in a sandbox, Firecore are going to be limited in many ways.

Okay so maybe we can argue the devs should build a VM and troubleshoot this and in some part I agree, but if you are desperate to use Infuse and think the devs are idiots then take the matter somewhat into your own hands.

I wonder if there just isn’t all that many people using Linux, sure you aren’t holding it wrong but maybe Linux plus SMB3 plus Infuse is bringing in a unique problem, you can change any one of those variables.

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While it’s certainly possible there is a misconfig somewhere - I’ve posted my settings above, which all look right to me, and Infuse doesn’t seem to expose much to me in the way of other debug logs to point to a definite error - this is unlikely to be a *nix specific issue, as basically every off-the-shelf NAS under the sun is going to be running some flavour of it.

What seems more likely is that there may be some Samba-specific issue, which is hard for us as end users to troubleshoot without dev input.

I started using Infuse and bought the Pro version in 2014. I paid for the upgrade to next version in 2017. Not the most loyal, but if s paying customer isn’t a valued customer, then who is? This argument of yours would’ve made sense with a freemium product.

A year ago when I faced the issue I searched the forums, found 1 or two topics about the same issue, and figured that the problem is known, should be fixed soon. Skip to now, the problem is still unfixed. And the only dev who came here almost said that it is our problem and not theirs, and the moderator is trying to help by suggesting the problem is with the server, not Infuse.

I don’t expect priority. I don’t even expect estimated timelines to deliver a fix. I only expect acknowledgment that this is their bug to fix and not mine.

Don’t think there’s any misconfig to be honest on the user side, seems to be a compatibility issue with the particular variables.

Forgive me but if someone takes the time to build a Linux system they probably know what they are doing so I don’t doubt everything is correct your end.

Whilst SMB3 is supported by Linux and Infuse I’m going to guess that the negotiation/implementation is different from say a windows system or a NAS. Something is surely unexpected on the Infuse side hence the connection erroring out.

Are you using a work around now or just not using Infuse?

Simply not using. I’m just watching everything on a mac or pc or on netflix.

Last year was hectic for me, so I didn’t have time to complain about that or nag developers. Only to confirm that the problem is apparently known. I’ve just resigned from my work of five years and now I have a bit of time to annoy everyone on the forums till devs see this and maybe finally acknowledge this.

Key point here is “the moderator is trying to help”. Try keeping that in mind.

He’s not a dev. Neither are any of the other users offering ideas (not devs in the employ of Firecore, at any rate). We don’t have it in or power to actually fix anything.

All we can do is try to suggest things that might have been overlooked or suggest possible workarounds fellow users might try when they can’t get Infuse to work the way they want it to (or the way it ought to).

In my experience, the moderator does a remarkable job keeping abreast of Infuse’s issues (even those that don’t affect them personally), and strives to understand them as best he can; so that he can both direct users needing help to the most relevant information available, and shuffle posts around efficiently so that similar issues don’t get vented over again and again in a dozen parallel discussions where no one ever connects.

I do understand your desire for Firecore to both acknowledge an issue exists; and to acknowledge when it is something they might have in their power to fix (regardless if they believe they need to or not). I’ve more than a few times strived mightily to get such concessions out of them myself — there’s most certainly still at least a pair of these still outstanding.

So I do wish you luck in that endeavor, as well.

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Sorry if my messages might have come this way. I’m only arguing with those in authority at Firecore, and I am replying to user suggestions like yours only to indicate that this does not solve the problem and that it still needs someone at Firecore to take a look into.

Not trying to offend you or disregard your ideas, such solutions might be helpful to someone who just desperately wants to use Infuse for their setup and is willing to spend time and effort on setting those up, but that is not me. Setting up ftp, nfs or anything else would take a few days out of my life for working around a problem someone is getting paid to fix.

Dude, if you are capable of building a Linux system you will get an SFTP server setup in less than an hour, it’s super straight forward.

Yes the actual problem might not be fixed but the problem for you will be gone.

I’d understand if you would need to reinstall an OS etc but installing the soft SFTP would take no time at all, point it at your media and setup an account. I’m not trying to push the best idea on you but actually the work around here is simple and imo elegant.

While I appreciate that SSH-FTP is working for you, it’s not Windows native supported, so is less ideal in multi-OS households.

I don’t want to dive into details as this is completely off-topic, but to be short, my setup involves dockerized services, with fine-grained permission controls, strengthened security, late service start to let encryption kick in, setting up mdns service record, and properly managing resource usage to not let timemachine fail. After that I need to re-image the VM, adjust settings for back-up copy, test it starts up and works. Yes, spinning up ftp to test would be 1 hour. Setting everything up like I need it to — no :slight_smile: Did I over-engineer it? Sure. Does it somehow affect ability of Infuse to work with SMB3? No.

This is what I dont understand though, all you want is for Infuse to connect to the server, so on the Linux box install your SFTP server software of your choice…then on Infuse point it to the SFTP server, you keep all the rest running as is for all the other systems. Its a lightweight easy to apply solution which you can just use for Infuse, it wont conflict with anything else.

I run Samba here for sharing between Raspberry Pi’s and my Windows system along with a Macbook, but for Infuse I just have a software FTP server running on my media box, that same Media box also uses SMB, no issue.

One of the points I’m trying to convey here, is that I don’t really need workarounds. There are easier workarounds — just use vlc, use airplay for tv, watch on a different device. I do not have a need to use Infuse. The only reason I am writing here is that I bought it for this use and paid for this use. That’s all.

Haha, yeah man that does sound over engineered but I bet you had fun doing it.

Im walking away now, good luck you guys :slight_smile:

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