Infuse resets when opening

The last two or three beta releases has completely destroyed the functionality of Infuse for me; every single time I leave the app or force close the app, Infuse resets completely.

I connect Plex and SFTP, and it happens irrespective of whether library mode is on or off (same goes for pre-fetching).

This has also started occurring on the stable releases, meaning that Infuse is completely unusable for me.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem? And is there a solution in sight? I’d hate to have to cancel my subscription and return to the default Plex app.

Oh, and this is occurring on my Apple TV 4K.

Can you describe what you are seeing when opening Infuse and this issue occurs? Is there any sort of error message displayed?

Are you running the latest version of tvOS (17.4)?

Do you have iCloud Sync and Cloud Backup enabled?

If this happens again, can you send in a report from your device and post the code here?

There is no error message whatsoever, only the introductory screen (Add library) as if I just had installed the app. Literally noting is saved (Trakt login, premium status, other settings, metadata).

Another problem I’ve been having is lack of disk space to the extent that I am unable to install the smallest of apps. This is the case in all scenarios listed above, and even occurs when I have just installed the app (no setup). Also, even though I uninstall a third, large app, I still cannot install any smaller-sized app. This problem disappears when I uninstall infuse. After multiple reinstall actions and a lot of time wasted, I’ve had to completely stop using the app.

I have tried every combination (enabled/disabled) iCloud sync and cloud sync, and direct/library mode.

I am running tvOS 17.4.

Will send in an error report next time using my Apple TV

We’ve seen a few cases where the Apple TV disk space is not being properly managed (due to a system bug?) and this can lead to issues in Infuse and other apps (as you are seeing with installing other apps).

This has been pretty rare, but at least a few of the affected users have reported that performing a factory restore of the Apple TV has resolved the issue for them.

@james I’ve just submitted diagnostics via the app, which, of course, had reset completely yet again

The code is: VK9W2

Thanks for looking into this!

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Have you reset your Apple TV to factory settings?

I’ve reset, and updated and reset, my Apple TV thrice each

Hey, any update on this?

Infuse is still completely unusable for me, and that goes for both srable and beta versions

We’ve looked into this, and it appears as though a cloud backup was created prior to any shares being added.

What may be happening is the device is running low on space, and then restoring this empty back up (as expected) which results in the app appearing empty when launching.

To resolve this I would try the following.

  1. Open Infuse
  2. Add the share connection(s) you would like
  3. Navigate to: Infuse > Settings > Cloud Backup and save a new backup

I would also recommend keeping the Auto Backup option on.