Infuse reset to new

AppleTV upgraded to 14.7 and when I went to infuse, the app opened and said welcome to infuse. No files. I was using infuse 7.2.2 before. I went to settings and checked library and it said zero files.
It has reset back to new as if I just bought it. Checked subscription and showed yearly pro as active.
I waited for 45 minutes to see if it picked up anything from other infuse in the other room. Nothing.
So I started adding favourites back in.
I assume this was not supposed to happen, right?

Did you check to make sure you were still signed into iCloud and the Apple user ID that had the purchase of Infuse?

It sounds like the OS update may have reset one of the settings.

So you’re from the future too? LOL Did you mean 7.1.2

Were you given the option to select a subscription? Did you try restore?

Yes to 7.1.2.
I didn’t hit restore as I thought that was for when your subscription didn’t show.
Other apps were ok.
I’ve added all my favourites back, now I have to wait for metadata to load for a large collection.