Infuse remote playing with Plex

Hi need some assistance please, after lengthy discussions with Plex they have pointed me to Infuse support.

Since the last few Plex server upgrades - when accessing over internet Infuse will designate;

Bandwith error (with Plex relay turned on)
An error occurred loading the content (with Plex relay turned off)

The last one seems to be more like a timeout error as will try for around a minute to play before you get the error.

Could you guys take a look at why this may be occurring. Workaround is just using an older version of Plex server 1.18.5 on Synology NAS

But this only started occurring since Plex server version

Same problem.
Please fix this, since I can’t downgrade Plex on my Synology.

IIRC, Plex relay is has a very low bandwidth limit (around 2Mbps I believe), so if you are using this Infuse will not be able to stream any videos with bitrates of over 2Mbps. Infuse does not currently support transcoding these videos to smaller versions, so all videos are streamed in their original native quality.

If you are adjusting the bandwidth limits or upload speeds in Plex, they generally recommend to set a limit that is 2x the bitrate of the video being played. The reason for this is bitrates can vary quite a bit throughout the length of a video, and the bitrate shown in the video specs is simply the average bitrate.

Hi thanks for the response. Issue being my hardware and internet have not changed but Plex or Infuse access to Plex has changed so unless using an old server version remote access with relay isn’t working anymore. Multiple users on Plex are raising this with them but they asked if Infuse could check on your side if possible pls?