Infuse Redesign

I agree, Plex definitely has the better navigation and chapter view. I think there’s a few elements of Plex’s design that could be adapted. The functionality and reliability of Infuse is far superior but the design feels a little stagnant. Would love to get some updates on this


I love infuse but redesign to something more elegant (as Apple things should be) is essential.
Less planned features as Philips Hue, HomeKit, additional cloud providers and more design improvement and more customization for GUI.


My post was originally moved to this thread but not answered. I have the same questions as a lot above. James, what is the direction for the UI. This thread isn’t really a simple suggestion, its people who really like infuse asking for the chance to see the (home screen) in my case to be much more configurable.

I know its good to add more and more functionality, but personally the app plays everything i throw at it, but the home screen needs updating. I want to be able to put my own graphics on it, and not just have the infuse logo, and make me scroll from left to right in a single line, but make use of the available space.

I like that i can turn off all the new/watched/etc so for me its simply a redesign of the screen and making it look more like the apple home screen with folders like the app icons with a picture at the top as i hover over them.

Would make it look so much modern…


Update: I’ve moved the discussion of this redesign to this new forum post, now in the Lounge.

Not sure why this was moved to the Lounge, where nobody is going to pay attention to it…

On the contrary the modernisation of Infuse interface should be a priority, not something to relegate to the basement


+1. Amazing!

Too cool design.
If you change only this, it seems to be sure to feel like a new version.
I hope that some applies even if it was not all.
I saw a very cool concept well.

I think the UI can use a redesign now. The library has so much white space, and the images are too big. I hope more Information can be provided, both from Trakt, and from your library, like analysis, etc.

The UI is also a bit slow.

I like the visuals created by zeyegffn above.