Infuse Redesign

Totally love this!

Great job! Love it.



It’s time for infuse, the best tvOS player, to be also the best looking one.

Time passes and now Infuse looks dated, definitely not in line with the tvOS 13 look and feel.

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Looks amazing

Wow! This is exactly what I hope this moves towards! After upstanding from Kodi on an RPi, I miss having having fan art backgrounds. Also I had a quick look at Plex and love how they play the theme music in the menu; that would also be a cool addition.

I think the current look for Infuse 6 looks better. I like the combination of colors and the icons.
In case of a change, I hope it would be with adding elements from the new Apple TV app on how you present content. Not changing color, style or icons.

This is a fair point. My redesign certainly sacrifices Infuse’s current bold color scheme, but I’d argue it does so to provide a more simplified, more organized library structure. (It also conforms a little more to tvOS’s new design guidelines.) Right now, if you want to filter your movies by genre, you can’t actually do that in the Movies bookmark: you have to go to Library > Movies > Genre, which seems like more taps than it needs to be. In my version, everything about movies is in Movies—no splitting the difference.

Also, hello! I haven’t abandoned this project in the slightest. The big thing I’ve been working on in this redesign (which I’m calling Infuse 7) is adding a much-requested feature: movie trailers.

I don’t have a Plex Pass so I don’t know how trailers work in the app, but from what I can tell, they are enabled globally—this is probably fine for many, but for myself, that seems a bit tedious. (If I’m wrong, let me know!) I don’t need to see movie trailers EVERY TIME I watch a movie; the only time I want them is if I’m having a movie night. So, instead of having a system-wide trailers feature, why not a specific mode? Hence, Movie Night!

Movie Night is a mode in Infuse 7 that, when activated, does three things:

  1. First, prior to watching a movie, it plays trailers! How many and what kind can be configured via Settings.
  2. Second, if you initiate Movie Night through a playlist, it will automatically add intermissions between movies—extra time to use the bathroom, get snacks, whatever. I’ll be using a fullscreen splash image and optional trivia (pulled from IMDB). Intermission length can be adjusted, or turned off entirely, via Settings.
  3. Finally, with the upcoming HomeKit support, it will automatically dim and un-dim your lights for you.

This is still entirely a WIP, but it’s going to be the major feature I’ll work on in my social distancing time. I’m mostly writing this to keep you all updated and hold me to actually doing it.

I’m sure there will be a lot of hiccups with adding trailers, and I’m always happy to take suggestions/feedback, so please, keep it coming! Right now I’m just focused on getting Movie Night working in the playlist section, and my current draft is attached below. As always, let me know what you think!

P.S. The icons are just placeholders for now—I don’t have access to Firecore’s icon library (???), so I’m just using what I can. The second draft will be a little more polished!

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Just to clarify a bit the suggestions area is used to post s specific request or specific suggestion or improvement not develop an entire redesign. Each individual item needs to be in a thread by itself so others who like that specific idea can up vote the original post and show support for that feature or improvement.

When you add multiple ideas in a single thread users can not vote for a single item out of the bunch and not vote for others they may not agree with.

If you want to brainstorm an entire overhaul of infuse then you probably should start a thread in the lounge area.

Again, one suggestion per post will allow that idea to stand on it’s own merit and not based on grouping with others.

Oh shoot, I didn’t realize there were restrictions for suggestions! I’ll make a new thread in the lounge area. Considering how much is changing, making separate posts for each individual change seems counterintuitive, especially since they’re all connected.

It’s not “restricted” but the way the suggestions forum seems to works is that it gives users a place to bring up a specific suggestion or feature that others can up vote in the first post if they agree with the feature or suggestion. This also gives a single place for Firecore to view user response for each feature or suggestion instead if culling through a single thread looking for a specific feature that may be being considered to gauge interest.

It’s kind of like a buffet for features, people prefer the ability to choose each item they like instead of choosing the “blue plate” special and taking the Brussels sprouts flavored ice cream with the steak. :wink: It also makes it easier for the chef to see what items on the buffet are more popular.

That’s a really disappointing response from someone who putatively represents Infuse – criticizing this guy for violating some forums technicality when he’s just redesigned your entire app to be more modern and functional. The Infuse UI is really dated and navigates poorly, users bring this up constantly but the updates we keep paying for end up being minor tweaks or unnecessary features.

There are numerous existing threads from users clamoring for specific UI improvements: adding the ability to navigate by actor / director, RT/IMDB ratings, etc., but those haven’t really elicited a response or attention from the devs.


Totally agree, this seems rather petty. No comment on the actual design. The infuse design is dated and indeed navigates poorly. This redesign incorporates many of the updated features that tvOS delivers as well as plex’s superior navigation. Some comment on any of these potential features would be great, instead of unnecessarily picking up on forum rules…


Love your proposed redesign.

I go back and forth between the Plex beta app, and Infuse. Plex makes it easier to switch between content filters, less clicks, less back arrows. So I use it for less critical viewing, TV shows mostly. For Movies I prefer Infuse, because of it’s ability to direct play nearly anything, 7.1 audio, and video quality.

But the gap between the two in quality is rapidly shrinking, IMO. And I end up just using Plex most of the time, until my home theater brain kicks in and pushes me back to Infuse for movies. :slight_smile:

The infuse favorites/icon method of organizing content is functionally and aesthetically very limiting. Plus the bright colors are pretty old school and jarring, IMO. The day glow, florescent highlighter colors are anything but “elegant.”

Another area I would like to see change, is the chapter section of movies. Right now it’s a boring drop down of text titles, vs the thumbnails that Plex can display. I can’t remember the name of chapters, but I can probably remember which chapter I want to see based on a picture. Could you add how a chapter thumbnail screen might look to your design?

Hopefully this thread will get some traction and Infuse will look beyond under the hood tweaks for version 7, and do a full UI redesign.


I agree, Plex definitely has the better navigation and chapter view. I think there’s a few elements of Plex’s design that could be adapted. The functionality and reliability of Infuse is far superior but the design feels a little stagnant. Would love to get some updates on this


I love infuse but redesign to something more elegant (as Apple things should be) is essential.
Less planned features as Philips Hue, HomeKit, additional cloud providers and more design improvement and more customization for GUI.


My post was originally moved to this thread but not answered. I have the same questions as a lot above. James, what is the direction for the UI. This thread isn’t really a simple suggestion, its people who really like infuse asking for the chance to see the (home screen) in my case to be much more configurable.

I know its good to add more and more functionality, but personally the app plays everything i throw at it, but the home screen needs updating. I want to be able to put my own graphics on it, and not just have the infuse logo, and make me scroll from left to right in a single line, but make use of the available space.

I like that i can turn off all the new/watched/etc so for me its simply a redesign of the screen and making it look more like the apple home screen with folders like the app icons with a picture at the top as i hover over them.

Would make it look so much modern…


Update: I’ve moved the discussion of this redesign to this new forum post, now in the Lounge.

Not sure why this was moved to the Lounge, where nobody is going to pay attention to it…

On the contrary the modernisation of Infuse interface should be a priority, not something to relegate to the basement


+1. Amazing!

Too cool design.
If you change only this, it seems to be sure to feel like a new version.
I hope that some applies even if it was not all.
I saw a very cool concept well.