I’ve been using webdav to access my files for the past 2 years on my AppleTV 4k. As of the past couple of months, only a varying fraction of my content is displaying no matter how many times i scan for changes. I previously had over 30,000 files. and now only 3000-8000 get displayed depending on the refresh.

Has anyone else been experiencing something similar?

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There was another guy who complained of similar issues. It appears to be an issue with

Oh my gosh!!!

Finally someone with the same issue.

This started for me around several updates into Infuse 6.

Finally someone else. I’ve gotten in touch with and they’ve agreed to test Infuse out on their side with my account.

Still waiting on feedback.

But I’m convinced this is an Infuse issue.

In it together. Let me know if they find a solution! Cheers (:

@yaseendb do you have any update?

Hey dude,

Nope. I sent a new support message on 31 May and still no response.

My previous message was sent to them on 17 May where I have them a link to this thread.

It’s getting a little frustrating.

I have another thread here on Firecore where I’ve asked James to assist with a licence of sorts for Infuse Pro 5 so that I can test to see whether Infuse Pro 5 resolves the issue. I don’t want to go back to 5 and I certainly don’t want to pay the licence fee they’re asking for it because I like the new version. Just want to see if it was some update post 6.4 that caused this.

No love so far.

Hey, just received a response from

Hey Yaseen. Sorry about this. I’ve been trying out Infuse on Apple TV with a big account like yours and I’ve been getting the same inconsistencies. The number of items in the Infuse library never matches the number of items in the folder. And it also keeps changing. My theory is this: Infuse is timing out while trying to recursively fetch all items in the folder and keeps starting from the beginning. That’s why I get a different tally whenever I check. Now I can’t prove that, since i can’t find logs on AppleTV, but this explanation is currently what makes most sense.

Unfortunately this is not something we can fix. We’ve been begging Firecore for a better integration using our API since 2013, but they haven’t announced any plans. (, Put.iO + Infuse = Sick!)

This is why I’ve asked Firecore for a Pro 5 licence to test it with. But no love.

Really effing frustrated about now and getting minimal amounts of support from both sides. I can’t believe I have to beg for support for something I’m paying for.

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Infuse 5 is no longer available and questionable if it would function at all.

If you have a chance to send in a report from your device (and post the 5 digit code here) we can take a look into this. Thanks!

This is strange - they’re missing… Both Infuse 4 and 5 were available on the 8th of May when I asked for a licence in this post:

Hi James, no offense, but I’ve sent diagnostics codes before and little help was provided, but here you go: EWK1J

Also, some time last year I provided feedback after a 6.4 or 6.5 minor update that caused connectivity issues after “idle time”. It was not sorted. I have a friend who also uses and he has the same issue. So far, it’s improved where-in I know longer have to switch off Apple TV, I just have to quit Infuse from background.

With the files missing issue, the issue that the OP, myself, and a different friend who shares my account, this as I’ve mentioned, started about must be now 3-4 months.

I WILL GLADLY give you access, or provide separate family account access to my account for you to test with. I can add up to 8 users.

Thanks for the code!

It looks like Infuse is receiving series of http 405 errors when connecting to

Since it sounds like you have a larger library, this may be related to some rate limiting or other restrictions they have in place.

Hi James,


Can you give me these logs that I can send through to ?

This would definitely be helpful to them I think in order to resolve the issue.

Pm sent.

Hi friends. Hasan from here. You are right: The source of the problem is our API’s rate limiting in addition to the fact that WebDAV not knowing how to handle those limits.

But the limits are pretty generous: 1000 reqs/m. We also think Infuse started to launch multiple requests in parallel, which with a large account hits this limit quickly.

Would it be possible to scan the share a bit more humanely? We can’t really raise our limit because it’s a pretty popular attack vector for us.

PS: Or better yet integrate our API. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’ll be a winning combo. You can hit me up for test accounts.


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Thanks Hasan.

James can you send this info through to the dev team and maybe they can formulate some sort of solution?

I’ve checked other APIs, including the TRAKT api and it seems that the rate limits imposed by are in fact generous as Hasan points out.

Also would be nice if users can have more control over the syncing process, like manual sync, or auto sync, and choosing what to manually sync and auto syncing, and also when auto-syncing should occur.

Hi James,

Did you guys makes some new changes to the recent Infuse builds with regard to WebDAV because mine has been syncing great for the past couple of days.

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