Infuse problems

Hi folks

I have a little problem and I dont know how to fix it.

When I use Infuse with my plex Server i have update problems.
When I start infuse it will not, or very slowly, update the newest changes on my plex Server.
The ATV 4K is connected via LAN. The Plex Server worked on a MAc Mini Late 2012 with the El Captain on it and the movies are on a Synology NAS.

Then I tried another way : start infuse and release the NAS via SMTP. It worked well, but while infuse search the net for informations about the movies, TV Shows it lost the connection and told me “Here is nothing to find”. It told me on my whole NAS is no Movie etc.

On a older ATV 4 in our bedroom witch is connectied via WLAN we got the same problems.

What is going on there ?



Are you able to access TVDB website? The only reason I ask is it’s blocked in certain countries and other users have indicated problems similar to yours (mainly people in India). Infuse grabs its info from TVDB.

Have you tried taking Plex out of the loop and creating shares directly to the mini and to the NAS? Perhaps via a SMB share?

The error message sounds like what Infuse returns when the source for data has gone away. Sounds like what ever you did caused Infuse to lose track of where the files are.

Can you please test the following:

Make a change on Plex (e.g. change a movie poster)
go to infuse
browse to the movie detail view and click “Aktualisieren”

Is the changed poster updated?

As I said on MacUser already, I have a similar setup and changes are updated almost instantly.

For new movies it may take a while until Plex recognized them, but once Plex has them included / updated, they appear in Infuse without any lag.

But, I do not use the Infuse Library. I have added all the Plex folders to my Infuse Favourites.

I can not tell if Infuse Library is updated on the fly.