Infuse problem

Hi, I have been using Infuse for several months and I have loved until the last week or so. A couple of weeks ago Infuse would not connect to my media server (PC in the basement with lots of storage space). It had been forever since I had restarted the server, so the next time I was in the basement, I restarted and the next time I was using Infuse everything worked perfectly. Fast forward another week later and I go to use Infuse and the same thing… it won’t connect, just the little spinning wheel no matter what I chose. I was frustrated, but went and rebooted the server immediately. Infuse will still not connect. I deleted all my shortcuts and tried to rebuild them, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app… nothing. I have many devices in my home that all connect to that same media server and they ALL still work perfectly. Infuse sees my media server under Available Shares along with the laptop I am typing this message on, but it cannot connect to either. After choosing either of them, I get checking connection for a very long time and then An error occurred … Sorry, infuse encountered an error while trying to connect. I am very computer literate and have set up many video type shares like this. I am at a loss. Please help

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

Can you try one of the tips found here?

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