Infuse problem with Plex Cloud

hello everyone.
I have a problem. in my library I have approximately 1200 movies and in the infuse app appears only 600. Something I can do to force the update?

Are the rest showing up in the “Others” library?

All inclusive libraries have been marked as bookmarks.

Do the 600 movies that DO NOT show up by any chance show up under the library labeled "OTHER"instead of in the library labeled “MOVIES”?

When you go to Settings>Library, how may does it show in “others”?

Nothing appears in others. I have 1 library for movies and she has exactly 1270 movies in it. But only 641 appear in infuse.

Infuse doesn’t work properly with Plex Cloud. It’s planned to properly work with Plex Cloud in a future update.

Thank you timstephens24, i missed the Plex in the title and it wasn’t referred to in the post.

are you forecast to become compatible with plex cloud?

Yes, Plex Cloud is a bit different, and requires some special handling.

We plan to support it in the future.

news about plex cloud?