Infuse Pro won't play ISO files on Apple TV4K

Infuse Pro on Apple TV4K won’t recognize my ISO file. I have a MacBook Pro connected to the latest Infuse Pro via SMB on an Apple TV with latest tvOS. I was able to find the ISO file with my iPhone Infuse app connecting via SMB to my MacBook Pro, but it still will not show in Infuse Pro on the Apple TV4K for some reason. I am definitely connected via SMB. I can select the SMB MacBook Pro Share and the ISO file shows up to do a speed test (which speed is around 50Mbps), but it will not show up in my movies or libraries so I can’t watch it. I also have my Plex media server connected, but I disconnected it also to see if that would help but it didn’t. Any help is much much much appreciated. Thank you!

  1. Semi-related / unrelated problems I’m having, SMB connection seems pretty slow (around 50Mbps). I watched Youtube vids about fixing this, checked my wifi settings, checked my router settings, called my ISP, checked my MacBook pro sharing settings, checked Infuse Pro advanced SMB settings, not sure how to get this any faster than 50Mbps, any advice or help with this is much appreciated as these larger 4K files with higher bitrate need fast speeds to play without issue.

  2. Fixed - Infuse is creating multiple duplicate movies (over 30 now) in my Plex library and some movies are missing. Not sure why, but I don’t know how to get rid of the duplicates at this point. I only have 1 file of each movie. Edit: Fixed this problem by deleting all of my hard drives from Plex and re-adding them. No more duplicates, one thing I did notice, for movies sets like Harry Potter 1-8, or Mission Impossible 1-6, none of them are listed in order for some reason. Not a serious problem but worth noting.

Are these ISOs visible/playable if you browse the folder directly on Apple TV?

Can you provide an example of how you have them named? If they aren’t appearing in the library there may be an issue with metadata matching.

Can you see if anything appears in the Other section?

Trying to figure out how to view my folder directly from the Apple TV right now…

Originally there was a with Movie Name Folder → .ISO (same movie name) file, .txt File, folder (with .jpg inside). Then I tried just putting the .ISO file in the movies folder to see if that would work and it didn’t. It’s not in the Others section although there are a handful of movies in there (not sure why). What is the correct way to place an ISO file in a Movies folder with other movies?

I can find the .ISO if in the speed test section though.