Infuse pro won't connect to Synology Plex

I recently purchased 2 x apple TV 4K units, and installed infuse PRO
The first Apple TV connected perfectly to my plex account and media on my synology NAS
I attempted to do the same with the second Apple TV and I keep getting the message -
" Sorry,Infuse encountered an error while trying to connnect "

So I could understand if I had made a mistake somewhere with my wifi setup / synology setup, BUT, I have one perfectly working apple TV and one not. There is nothing else wrong with the apple TV units, they are brand new . I intend to buy one for each room, but need help getting infuse to connect please first . thanks

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As long as you’re using the same Apple ID and have iCloud sync on all of them you can delete the Infuse app on the one that is having problems then re download it. After you do that launch the new copy of Infuse (don’t try to enter any share info) and go directly to the Settings > Library screen and let it sit. You should see the numbers start to change which means it synced the share info and should include the Plex share.

That way you don’t have to re-enter the credentials, the app will DL and use them from the one that’s working.

Hi ! thanks for the quick reply
unfortunately that has made the situation worse . by deleting the app on the faulty apple TV , as soon as I powered up the other one that was working, it had synced and of course had deleted the app too, when I reinstalled it I know have the same issue on both apple TV’s. I am getting the same error connecting message. What else can I try ? it was working perfectly yesterday on one apple TV .thanks

Sorry that it deleted the good app. I’ve never had one ATV delete an app when I deleted it on another ATV. I have 4 running and they are all independent of each other in that respect.

Have you followed through the users guide here for adding a Plex share?

ill give that a go right away . thanks

So I went and read the article you shared, without reading it before I had actually been doing the exact steps it describes. I have tried everything now, even reseting apple TV to factory and updating firmware and reinstalling infuse from scratch, on both apple TV units, and now both of them refuse to connect to my plex server. I can see the synology files on the apple TV and can do speed test , so I know they are connected . please help . thanks

hey sorry to have been a pain , its working now

seemed the bloody synology had problems and wasnt running the plex app. after a restart its all ok . thanks for prompt support anyway !

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Great! Glad it’s all up and running now. Enjoy!

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