Infuse Pro with 4K video on airport time capsule

I’m a new user and I would like to know if this app is capable of streaming 4K movie from airport time capsule.
I have an airport time capsule with 2 Tera storage and I want to put there my media content include all my 4K movies.
Is there a way to share this library and be able to stream from there to my Apple TV (I know the ATV can’t play 4K but for future upgrade) the 4K movie and it will play nice?
I know that Apple soon to release the new Apple TV 5 that will be able to play 4K content and I want to know …
Today I’m streaming from my MacBook Pro but for that I need to keep the MBP open and running all the time I want to watch a film .

Yes, streaming 4K videos from a Time Capsule currently works in Infuse for iOS, so once the ATV5 is released there’s no reason it shouldn’t work there as well.

Also, the recent Infuse 5.5.2 update includes native support for HEVC video, which allows for the best possible playback.

will it work also with AirPort Extreme and external drive? it only has usb 2.0, not 3.0.


Yes, it works fine. I’ve Time Capsule connect with an external hdd and I haven’t any problem with fullhd and 4k video.

I have AirPort Extreme with external drive and it’s often looses HDD :frowning: