Infuse Pro vs Regular


I cannot seem to play anything without being asked to purchase the Pro version.

MKVs with Video Info Codec: H.264 Audio Info Codec: AC-3 5.1

Nothing Plays. What formats work on the regular and what additional ones are included in the Pro upgrade?

Your problem is almost certainly the AC-3 audio track which requires the Pro features (mentioned in the ‘GET MORE FROM INFUSE PRO!’ Section in the App Store description).

The reason is because the AC-3 decoding is done by licensed software from Dolby which requires a license fee … hence why it is only available in a paid version of Infuse.

If you look at the app store you’ll see you can get a free trial of all the features if you start a subscription.

You can read here New User Here...need some help - #2 by james where James passes on the info about this.

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