Infuse Pro v5.9.6 and TVOs 14

Are Infuse Pro version 5.9.6 compatible with TvOs 14 or Will it not run properly ?


Came here to ask the same question. Is it ok to install tvOS 14 or will it break my Infuse experience? @james

Same question

Today’s 6.5 update includes a number of improvements for iOS/tvOS 14.

We have not done extensive testing with older Infuse versions on iOS/tvOS 14, so some issues may be expected.

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Thanks for letting us know, James!

tvOS 14 made my Infuse 5.9.6 look terrible.
The settings menu items look awful - the graphic overlay (or whatever they are called) all have a black box around them whenever they are not selected.
Will try and get a screen shot at a later point.

Thanks for info. Doesn’t Sound good.

Is it still able to play video (Mkv files) as before ?

Video works fine. Here´s an image from the settings screen. It`s in danish…

Thats a minor annoyance. Must be a change in the way tvOS 14 handles rendering.

No, video playback is abnormal for some videos. Very lag.

You’ll probably have to upgrade to the latest infuse for tvOS 14 support.

It also messed up subtitles, the letters look weird.

Screenshot please …

I deleted Infuse 5, and updated to 6
I have been dragging my feet because

  1. I had to manually edit a lot of the metadata because for some reason the ones the system choose were incorrect and it was a pain and didn’t wanted to do it again

  2. I’m a cheapskate

I figured it was time to upgrade (also I really wanted to support the developer because I use this app A LOT)

Downloaded Infuse 6.5 and all is well :+1:t2:

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You do realise that infuse 7 is on the horizon when the macOS port is done, see Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

But if you go the subscription route in Infuse 6.5 that won’t make any difference as long as the subscription is kept current.

I’d hold off for a bit on purchasing the Infuse 6 Pro (stay with the Infuse 6 with a subscription for now.

Or you can go the way I did and eliminate all of the hassles of subscription maintenance or having to buy another app when there’s a major version change like from 6 to 7 and just get the lifetime subscription. Hassle free from now on. :wink:

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