Infuse Pro v4.3.7 vs iPhone X

Hello, I bought Infuse 4 Pro and I have a question if it is compatible with iPhone X - video display over the whole display.

If not, how do I go to Infuse 5 PRO - a discounted price when I have purchased PRO 4.

In the menu I can not see anywhere :frowning:

Infuse 5 is a new app released in 2016. This includes an all-new design, which is fully optimized for the latest Apple phones (iPhone X/XS and XS Max). The upcoming 5.9 update will also include support for the just released iPad Pros.

More info on upgrading from Infuse 4 can be found here.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

if I buy V5 Pro - do I upload videos from V4 to V5, or do I have to upload everything again?

The APP store shows me the V5 PRO for 15 EUR
In the iPhone Infuse app 5 shows me for V5 PRO LIFETIME 30 EUR

What is the difference? Thank you very much for your answer

You’ll need to re-upload any synced videos you have in v4 over to v5.

The In-App options for Infuse will cover all future updates…even major releases like v6, v7, etc… The standalone paid app will cover 5 updates only.

Thank you very much for the info, so I’m buying a lifetime :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks for your support. :slight_smile: