Infuse Pro v4.3.6 TrueHD quality vs v5.5 pro

With my current Infuse Pro v4.3.6, I set the Infuse audio to “Auto” and Apple TV is also set to “Best sound quality”. With this Infuse is decoding TrueHD to lossless PCM.

I just sign up for the Infuse pro v5.5 trial version and tried the same setup. The sound quality from v4.3.6 is the same as v5.5. Is this right?

Is the TrueHD support of v5.5 the exact same as the older v4.3.6?

Not sure if I wanted to upgrade my 4.3.6 pro to v5.5 if there is no difference in sound quality.

Could someone please enlighten me?

Yes, audio quality will be the same in 4.3.6 and the latest 5.5.1 (24-bit lossless 7.1).

Many other improvements have been added over the past few months, which makes upgrading very, very worthwhile. A full list of changes can be found here.

Thanks I am now trialing v5.5 pro and would like to buy it. But I must say paying close to Aud$20 for v5.5 which has the same sound quality output as the v4.3.6 pro that i have, and only improving on the libraries and other UI refinements, is a very steep price to pay.

I don’t want a yearly subscription platform (yes i know it is an apple approved model) and would want to pay for the software once.

Could you please advise if the $20 will allow me to upgrade to the future v6? and when is v6 coming?

The subscription option will cover all future updates, and provides a better value if having the latest and greatest is important to you. The standalone paid app will cover all v5 updates.

A bit more info can be found here.

Could you please advise if the $20 will allow me to upgrade to the future v6? and when is v6 coming?

No - if you pay the once-only price that does not allow you to update for free when the major version number changes (I.e. when v6 comes out) and you would then have to pay again if you wanted. You do get to update for free for point releases within the same major version so the recent updates to v5 are free to those who paid for v5…

If you go the subscription route then you DO get to update to the next major version (whenever it appears) without paying anything extra. Whether that is cost-effective against paying again for the next major version is impossible to know until we know when v6 is likely to appear. My personal view is that the subscription model is a good way to go if you use inFuse with any frequency as it is getting frequent updates and I want to keep up-to-date all the time. I would guess that from the FireCore perspective it gives them a predictable income stream to fund ongoing development so encourages them to keep adding new features.

Thanks. If I go subscription and pay for the first year (and possibly second) and then decide to not continue the subscription. Would I still be able to continue using the last current version of Infuse? or will the software automatically expire and no longer work?

Good question - I am not sure. You will need to wait for Firecore to pop in to get a definitive answer.

My understanding is that if you go the subscription route, then if your subscription expires (I.e. You do not renew it) then you will no longer be able to use Infuse, but you do always get access to the latest version while you have a valid subscription.

If you purchase for Infuse v5 outright then you can continue to use Infuse v5 with no time limit (assuming some future iOS update doesn’t break it), but you only get updates to the v5 version of Infuse.

There is also a slight difference between the Subscription vs. Purchase on how you share the app with family members (if you want to do this); The Subscription version requires using the same Trakt account, and the Purchase version uses the standard Family Sharing mechanism. I believe this is mainly due to Apple not allowing subscriptions to be shared via Family Sharing.

With the subscription, you always have access to the latest version (v5, v6, v13, etc…) no matter what.

However, your Pro features are only active while your subscription is active. If you cancel or allow your subscription to lapse, you would simply switch over to using the free version of Infuse.

Thanks all for the clarification.

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