Infuse Pro v3.6.2 and Plex Media Server

Until yesterday I was able to stream movies et cetera from the Plex Media Server running on my Mac to my iPad, using Infuse Pro. But then, for some reason, the PMS is unreachable and re-adding it doesn’t help. It’s not among the available shares.

I’m sure PMS is running properly, indeed the Plex iOS app is perfectly capable of receiving streams from it. Does anyone else have the same issue? Solutions?

Thanks lads

Infuse makes use of Plex’s DLNA feature to stream.

Can you check to ensure that it’s still enabled?

Hey james,
thanks for trying to help me out. Of course I made sure the DLNA function in PMS was up and running.

Can you try updating to 4.0, which was just released today?

I’ve tried that. Once I’ve updated to Infuse v4.0, my PMS appeared on Infuse in the available shares, and I’ve added it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t browse its content. I’ve tried deleting the saved share to add it again, but at that point Infuse couldn’t see my PMS anymore. I’ve tries a few things, like turning off the firewall in my Wi-Fi router, restarting the DLNA server in Plex, downgrading Plex to the version I had when it was working, changing the SMB names of the devices and enabling IPv6. Nothing worked. I suspect Plex actively tries not to be discovered by Infuse. From a business point of view it would make sense, at the end of the day you guys are their competitors. Still, DLNA should be open access.

I’m still on infuse 3.6.2. Viewing videos from my plex dlna share works fine.

However, when I initially tested it I accidentally went into my photos folder. Infused displayed my photos in a folder by list but they were greyed out and could not select them. This is sort of correct behavior because infuse does not support photo viewing.

However, infuse would normally state “no contents in this folder”. From there Infuse could not find any other media. I had to restart infuse to get it working as it should.

I will be updating to Infuse 4 as soon I think it’s solid. I’m going on a trip next week and I need it to work 100%

I just updated to infuse 4. Connecting to my plex share works fine.

Right, I’ve figured out it was my cheap Belkin router’s fault. Appartently it’s not able to route UPnP traffic correctly, irrespective of whether UPnP or firewall capabilites are enabled. Infuse and Plex work just fine. Thanks to you all anyway.

Great! Glad to hear you got it sorted out. :smiley: