Infuse Pro V2.0 - WebDAV

Hi, I just purchased this app. I like the play back it is very smooth and useful for watching my TV shows. Its a shame about DTS, my entire movie collection is in MKV/DTS format, but hopefully this is something to look forward too!

I have a very good upload speed & wondered if Firecore had any plans to add a webdav type connection, so I can play stuff away from home on my Iphone, this in my opinion would be a fantastic addition, especally for those with Synology NAS’s

Yes, we’re hoping to integrate additional options, such as WebDAV in an upcoming version.

DTS support is still in the works as well. :slight_smile:

Any updates on adding WebDAV support?   Lack of WebDAV support is the ONLY thing that keeps me using GoodPlayer, and away from purchasing Infuse Pro.