Infuse pro user yet asked to subscribe for Dolby

As per subject, I’m an infuse pro subscriber, yet cannot play dolby audio (truehd) files without doing the subscription.

Can we get this fixed quickly? Otherwise why doing the subscription?

This is by design … and as it states it is a free in-app purchase and was introduced in version 7.5.2.

Until now Firecore has paid Dolby license fees for all possible Dolby features that Infuse can play. By introducing the free in-app purchases for specific Dolby features they can track how many active users actually use those features, and thus reduce their license fee payable to Dolby.

Note that there are 2 Dolby features with separate free in-app purchases … so you may be prompted twice for a free in-app purchase if you use both features.

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Got it. Thanks! The 10 days reminder caught me off guard and I actually thought something was broken with the subscription features. Again, thanks for quick reply

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