Infuse pro "upgrade special" through in-app purchase

hi James,
I took up the offer as I had infuse pro 4 to get one year of v6 pro for free.
Now that it’s expired (that one year deal), I’m looking for options.
Do I understand correctly, that the lifetime sub is A$109 - and there is no other way to get discount on that? I almost pressed the button then saw in the “in-app” purchase section of the infuse 6 free app, it says “infuse pro - upgrade special”, so is this another option to get lifetime upgrade cheaper?? Or is that limited to targeted people?

The upgrade pricing we have available allows legacy users (v4/v5) to receive a free year of Infuse Pro. And it sounds like you were able to take advantage of this. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there are no other upgrade discounts available.

However, all of the in-app options will include a free update to v7 (and future versions) as they become available.

Thanks James
Was just kicking myself thinking that I should’ve maybe taken the lifetime upgrade without taking the free year option if that provided more discounts but it sounds like there was no such option anyway

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